DJ Babygirl

At parties, you should always try and get a Feinberg to run your ipod. Of the 3, try and aim for me. The only time anybody actually had the stones to try and pry the tunes from my grip was when the artist formely known as T-Weezy decided to put down the Cheetos and shwag and started playing Metallica. I still hate you.

Moving Smartly along…

My favorites are the essential “Going Out” mixes. Nothing tickles my tutu more than a Britney-Stevie-David Byrne-Trina-Showtunes jam sesh while flat-ironing my wonky bangs followed by a typy run-through of the late Kevin Aucoin’s Making Faces. With a Baby Prostitute in one hand, Nars Laguna Bronzer in the other, and a heart-thumping array of sassy tunes, Babygirl is ready for a night of glaring at blondes and strategic wiggling around a neo-preppy dive bar.

Here are some pieces of musical genius to start the process of getting your evening crunk: