To the editor: Eat me.

One thought on “To the editor: Eat me.”

  1. Everything you wrote and feel are true (with the exception of there being no XY chromosome, just X chromosomes and Y chromosomes) but Roo, it’s a magazine devoted to men’s clothing! Which means:

    1) The written content, other than where to buy the Japanese denim jeans on page 92, is irrelevant.

    2) The magazine had its origins in a time when being male and being interested in clothing made your sexuality suspect. When Gentlemen’s Quarterly became GQ and the ad sales force was tasked with bringing in “mainstream” advertisers, they in turn no doubt felt the need to pressure the editorial side to overcompensate with leering, num-nuts macho content. And do to this day.

    2nd-tier creative talent + need to establish hetero bona fides = articles like the one you saw.

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