Hood Life

4 thoughts on “Hood Life”

  1. You only have one comment on this blog…how? Why? Were you wearing a hoodie when you wrote it so now NOOOOBODY wants to be associated with you? Survival of the fittest says that the human brain’s capacity should be increasing rapidly as our need for physical strength devolves. Unfortunately, at some point we created weaponry and gave it to imbeciles. We have just returned home from San Francisco and, let me tell you, I’m sure they have their share of morons. However, it was refreshing to walk around and see smiling faces, friendly people. I attribute this to the openness and honesty represented in that city. I’m looking forward to following your blog.

  2. It seems the bloggers are going after this sad story and the stupid commentators with greater energy than mainstream media. I completely think Geraldo’s son has it right in tweeting how ashamed he was of his dad. Notice how the Fox wing nuts never seem to feel the need to ever apologize, no matter how crude or hurtful their comments might be? Next Geraldo will claim soldiers are targets because they wear “camies”

    Great piece

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