Fire and Ice

One thought on “Fire and Ice”

  1. Hmm, I’m one that thinks that Lindsey Lohan had a grown up career at 13 that most never achieve ever. And her career crisis was at 19, not 50.
    Yes, she had her moments in that window between the late teens and now. But frankly who hasn’t had a few melt downs. The only real difference between her and the rest of us in that regard is that no one is making serious money from photographing our windswept genitalia.Who was there to help her over that work parched hump between her teen gal next door and what she is right now. For none can gainsay she’s a looker in the above shot. And certainly no fella is thinking ewww like they do with that chick from Harry Potter.
    And I thought O’Donnell had a melt down herself years back. Hadn’t she Ellens slot as the token bone to the lesbian community.

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