Zooby Zooby Zoo!

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  1. Palm to forehead. That was my first reaction as well. I didn’t care for the Zooby Zoo words but I think the meaning behind them came across as intended. In the end, not sure Mad Men is what it was in the beginning.

  2. Am I the only loser to have missed Mad Men last night? This is the second commentary I’ve read about the Zooby Zoo scene – and as a proud owner of an iTunes ‘cocktail’ playlist (wherein I rock the house…) i am heading to YouTube this instant.

  3. Am I the only loser who missed Mad Men last night? This is the second commentary I have read on the Zooby Zoo scene, and as a proud owner of an iTunes ‘cocktail’ playlist (wherein I rock the house…) I am heading to YouTube this instant.

  4. The set piece for Don’s party was one of the highlights of the episode for me. Megan’s dance number was alternately sexy and hilarious. And it was worth watching the reaction of the crowd (the men comically agog, the women either jealous or taking notes).

    The bit with Roger and his wife was priceless, too.
    “Why don’t you sing for me like that?”
    “Why don’t you look like him?

    Jessica Pare, if I recall, is also French-Canadian, so that may have helped her convincingly pull off the performance. Her French was pretty impressive.

  5. Great post! Have to admit, I was a tad disappointed in the episode too. The party scene was the only highlight. How much time has passed since the last episode? Joan already has her baby…and the hem-lines went northward overnight! But, still count me as a fan of the show. Zooby zooby zoo! 🙂

    1. I agree with you…I am a passionate fan (especially Jon Hamm) and will not leave, but I was a little sad…the slowness though only makes the build up more fun..in usual Mad Men style thats how they do it…need much more Don Draper Angst! and Betty! I love her character!

  6. Yep! Totally did my own Zooby Zoo dance around the house after watching the show. Not as sexy and French as her version, but whatever.

    And your idea of a cocktail playlist is brilliant. Good thinking!

  7. Thanks for the fun post! Found this: ‘”Zou Bisou Bisou’ (which roughly translates as “Oh! Kiss, kiss!”)…Megan’s version is based on the 1961 recording by actress Gillian Hills, a 16-year-old “Brigitte Bardot lookalike.” The single became an international smash, particularly popular in France, Spain, and Quebec, and later showed up in the 1966 film Blow-Up, as the soundtrack to a steamy menage à trois scene co-starring Hills. The song was produced by George Martin, who later worked with The Beatles,…. An English version, known as “Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo” was recorded by Sophia Loren as part of “an album of duets and solo songs” by Loren and Peter Sellers to capitalize on the success of their 1960 film The Millionairess, says Sean Howe at New York

    “What do the lyrics mean?
    The lyrics celebrate the softness and gloriousness of kisses. Several key lines in the verses are about coming out from “the bushes” where “lovers glide stealthily” and expressing love “everywhere,” says David Haglund at Slate. “This not only echoes what Megan herself is doing in performing the song for Don in front of so many people, it also resonates with the broader shift in sexual mores that took place in the mid-1960s.” Especially knowing the history of yéyé and the image Hills presented while singing it, it’s doubtful that Mad Men creator and writer Matthew Weiner could have found a “more perfect and surprising song with which to convey the sexual liberation of Megan and her generational cohort.”‘


    1. Very informative, I was wondering why in the world the writers would add this scene, but now it makes so much sense for the time. My husband will not stop singing that ridiculous song; he’s even made up his own gibberish lyrics! He was disappointed that I took over the DVR so that I could record Mad Men and as a result, he wasn’t able to watch his normal FOX cartoons. I can’t wait to get a whole-home HD DVR installed from my job called the Hopper. Its PrimeTime Anytime feature will record primetime of the four major networks and two other things all at the same time. So, I’ll be able to record Mad Men and he’ll get his cartoons every week without any problems. I wish it could come sooner because some of his adlib to my favorite shows can be so annoying!

      1. Allow me to rephrase that the song has become ridiculous because of my husband’s self-composed lyrics 🙂

  8. I’m here in France right now. Not Paris, but South West, 50 miles north of Bergerac. It is quite beautiful – as is Ms Peyroux. I’ve all her albums – so thanks for the posting!

    A bientot, Don

  9. While I shared Don’s unease (I get sympathy-embarrassed VERY easily, even from television characters), I did find the Zooby Zooby Zoo very catchy – it has a major ear worm factor!

  10. Mad Men is not available with my cable package, but I still plan on taking a week off and watching every episode. I’m not sure if any of the videos you chose are French-Canadian… definitely not Eartha Kitt (too bad) or Carli Bruny. So, something in a Celine Dion might have been more à propos. Or this…

  11. The “Zou Bisou Bisou” scene was one of the best things about last night… yay for Canadian Jessica Pare making a big splash! And I agree with jlmicek about the comments by Roger and Jane, funny! Otherwise, I felt a bit let down by last night’s episode. It was, dare I say….. kinda boring. Or was it just me?

  12. Yes- I also woke up singing zooby zoo! I did cringe at Megan’s antics though I have to say…what was it all about??
    However i wasn’t disappointed at the somewhat slow start to the season. Mad Men is all about subtlety – you know they’re gonna get us hooked with some great gossip soon – hang on in there!

  13. It seems that French is back in business once again. Vive le français et Vive les Mad Men!

    Now, I am a huge fan of Mad Men but can’t possibly justify to pay for cable just so I can watch the current season. I don’t want to spoil my pleasure by watching clips either… I’ll just wait for the dvd or the rental on netflix or whatever.

    Can you imagine how hard it is right now NOT to press on that little “play” button. Alright, deep breath, I’ll calm down, glass of water. ok… I’ll be ok. Still,thanks a bunch.

  14. Mad Men sucked last night. Don’t think we’ll be watching again. Boring, unoriginal, cliched, infused with too much feminist crap.

  15. KUDOS, on your Freshly Pressedness; and fabulous humor! I really enjoyed your slant! And, I loved the season premier of Mad Men. Likely, because, back in that day, I was a young, aspiring, female, graphic artist, in N.Y. It was another century, a different current. Same water, different color sharks!

  16. I totally feel you! I had to do a post myself about the song since it is now lodged in my brain folds somewhere between “The capital of Rhode Island” and “The color formula for my favorite blue” (which is consequently RGB #336699). Freshly Pressed! Way to go!

  17. Great post…I am an avid MAD MEN follower and though it seemed a bit slow, it got better…this is how they roll on that show…cant wait for more Don Draper angst..my favorite part as well as Betty! congrats on pressed!

  18. As a Canadian and of French heritage, I found that scene a little head-slappy too and a tad uncomfortable to watch.

    By the way… is Megan a little crazy or what? Is she bi-polar or something?!

  19. OMG I cannot get that song out of my head. The title of your post certainly caught my eye. What a terrible scene!! Glad I wasn’t the only one embarrassed for Megan.

    1. I can’t believe that the song only lasts 2 minutes. Watching the episode it seemed to go on forever–not because it was bad, but because I was cringing. “Stop singing, Megan! Don will not appreciate this!”

      A fine return to form for one of my favorite shows.

  20. Zou bisou bisou? This is why Megan and Don’s relationship is not going to last! She clearly doesn’t get him. She’s much too spirited, vivacious and kind for the poor jaded Don. I think Don needs someone like Peggy 🙂

    1. I think you’re right. She is 25, young and spirited and way to naive for this to last. She is going to turn into a miserable alcholic if she stays with him.

  21. I echo several others here that your post definitely got my attention after finishing the first episode today. Although I’m an avid Mad Men fan, I’m on the fence about this first episode. The dance was definitely a bit awkward, but not as awkward as that scene where she decides to clean half naked??? What was that?

  22. Megan is the best thing to come along in this show for awhile now. I was totally not expecting something so sexy from her but it really was hot. Don wants his little hottie all to himself and really wants someone more reserved. He would literally have had a hard on for her if it wasn’t his wife but alas, it is. I think he really wants Maria Von Trapp. How do you solve a problem like Maria?

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