The Enemy.

2 thoughts on “The Enemy.”

  1. I’m sorry but NO ONE looks like those girls, even them. Especially them.
    How many people do you think are involved to get them looking like that. Granted they have that German peasant look about them that’s so darn popular these days, even the black chick. But not one of them will look like that in five years time no matter how artistic Dr ABC Dexter is with his little bag of carpentry tools. And in ten years time they’ll have a mannish look to them. If you don’t believe me. OK then, where are all the attractive Germans over 25. Ditto the Italians. Granted you’ve got a few but nothing like the seeming abundance you see of 20 year old’s. Why do you think the modeling industry are drawing from a pool of 15 year old’s. Those 15 year old’s lose it at 18.

    And what’s so wrong with Redheads. Fah, the only acceptable form of racism left. Anti-Celticism. Tut Tut Tut Tut. 😀

    P.S. IS there any point ever clicking on the follow-up comments

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